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Fairfield Advance: First meeting was here



CABRAMATTA was the first practice site for followers of Falun Dafa in Australia and early morning exercisers stretching and meditating in Cabra Vale Park have since become a feature of the local landscape.

For those who have ever wondered what it is all about, today is the chance to learn. Falun Dafa followers are holding a community open day in Freedom Plaza, to promote a way of life based on the three principles of truthfulness, compassion and forbearance.

The belief system, which followers are quick to point out is not a religion, is banned by the communist government in China, where pratictioners are allegedly persecuted and jailed without trial.

According to local Falun Dafa devotee Willa Huang, one in 11 people in China are adherents, leading the Government to fear the group is a front for political rebellion.

"But we are not a formal organisation. There are no membership lists, you don't have to pay any money to join. Falun Dafa is not a religion or political party," she said.

Practitioners complete a set of five exercises each day which are said to restore balance and harmony in the body, as well as being good for all-round health.

"We also follow the three guiding principles and try and live well and be good to other people," Mrs Huang said.

There are about 5000 Falun Dafa practioners in Australia, and 700 of them live in the Fairfield area.

Article Source: Fairfield Advance, Sydney
Original article Date: 28-Aug-2002
Posting Date: 29-Aug-2002
Category: Media Reports

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