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Falun Gong Health Effects Survey

Survey of Ten Thousand Cases in Beijing 1998

Ten thousand Cases in Beijing Summary: To determine the health effect of Falun Gong, we conducted a survey among some Falun Gong practitioner in five districts in Beijing, with 12,731 valid questionnaires. Our results show that Falun Gong’s disease healing rate is 99.1% with a cure rate of 58.5%; Improvement rate is 80.3% in physical health and 96.5% in mental health. The survey indicates that Falun Gong has a significant effect in disease healing and health promotion. Falun Gong is an excellent Qi-gong that benefits people both physically and mentally.

Background: Qi-gong is a Chinese traditional health-enhancing activity with a long history. Thus, Chinese people have a unique advantage to practice qigong. Since Falun Gong was introduced in 1992, the number of practitioners has been growing rapidly. “Practitioners are daily increasing in number and there are too many of them to be counted”. Falun Gong’s unique effect in promoting both physical and mental health has already been recognized by many practitioners. In order for more people to truly understand Falun Gong, we conducted this survey among part of Falun Gong practitioners in five districts in Beijing.

1. Study Population

In 1998, we conducted the survey on over 200 practice sites in five districts (West, Chongwen, East, Xunwu, and Chaoyang) in Beijing. We collected 14,199 questionnaires with data comparing the health status of practitioners before and after Falun Gong practice.

2. Study Design and Method

2.1 Survey contents: (see attached Falun Gong Health Effect Questionnaire) Name, sex, age, length of practice, the number of different diseases before and after practice, physical heath condition before and after practice, mental health condition before and after practice, and the average medical expenses saved after practice.

2.2 Method: On a voluntary basis, the participants filled out the questionnaires according to instructions. The forms were collected and organized by designated people. The data was input into a computer.

2.3 Data analysis: A total of 14,199 forms were collected. A uniform criterion was established, that is, any form that has an unanswered item will be excluded. 12,731 valid completed questionnaires were selected, which were used for final valid data. The data was analyzed with Microsoft Office 97 Excel 8.0.

3. Results

Using Excel 8.0 and two different statistical methods, we obtained the same results as the following:

3.1 Gender distribution: Male 3,554 – 27.9%; female 9,177 – 72.1%; male: female ratio 1:2.6

3.2 Age distribution: 50 or older -- 67.5%, 20-50 --30.8%, 20 or younger – 1.7% (Table 1)

Table 1: Numbers of practitioners by age

3.3 Length of practice: From the time of learning Falun Gong, we calculated the length of practice. The length of practice and the number of the practitioners, and the percentage were calculated (See Table 2). The curve for the accruement of the total numbers of practitioners with time was made (Figure 1). From this accruement curve, one can see that Falun Gong practitioners increased rapidly every year, following nearly a straight line.

Table 2: Numbers of practitioners by length of practice

3.2 3.4 Comparison of health status before and after practice: The survey results showed: before practice, 2,547 (20%) participants had one illness; 3,004 (23.6%) had two illnesses; 6,341 (49.8%) had three illnesses; a total of 11,892 people had various diseases, which is 93.4% of the survey population (Figure 2). After practice (Table 3), 6,962 people achieved complete cure (58.5%); 2,956 had recovery (24.9%), the disease healing rate was 99.1% after practice. Figure 3 shows the health status change in three groups of practitioners before and after practice.

3 diseases - 49.8%, 2 diseases – 23.6%, 1 disease – 20.0%, healthy – 6.6%

Table 3: health status after practice

1 - No change, 2 - Some recovery, 3 - Almost recovered, 4 - Completely recovered.

3.5 Medical expenses saved: The survey population saved 41,700,000 Yuan (~$5,140,000) and an average of 3,270 Yuan (~$654) per person per year.

3.6 Comparison of physical health: Table 4 shows the physical health status before and after practice. 9,871 (80.3%) practitioners had improvement in their physical conditions; among them, “very energetic” people increased from 3.5% to 55.3%. Figure 4 compared the percentage of distribution of health status.

Table 4: Physical health status before and after practice

1 = Hard to work 2. Can work 3. Work normally 4.Energetic

3.7 Comparison of mental health: Table 5 shows that before practice, 52.4% people bore heavy or mild mental stress. After practice, 12,287 practitioners (96.5%) had improvement in their mental health; among them, 7,202 (56.6%) achieved “Happy”; 3,447 (27.0%) had “Significant improvement”; 1,638 (12.8%) had “Some improvement” (Table 6).

Table 5: Mental health status before cultivation

Table 6: Mental health status after cultivation

3.8 Comparison of health status change among the disease free population: 839 practitioners (6.6%) had no disease before starting practice. The change of their physical and mental health conditions is as follows: physical health: 486 or 57.9% among the 839 practitioners had improvement; mental health: 742 or 88.4% among the 839 practitioners had improvement (see Table 7, 8).

Table 7: Healthy people’s mental health status before cultivation

Table 8: Healthy people’s mental health status after cultivation

3.9 Physical and mental health correlation analysis: Figure 5 shows cross comparison of the relationship among physical, spiritual, and health conditions change after cultivation. Table 9 shows the data group. From Figure 5, one can see the disease healing, physical improvement, and mental health are related.

Table 9. Correlation among mental aspect, physical aspect, and health in general (by group)

4. Discussion

(1) Healing diseases, strengthening body and raising people’s health standard

According to the survey, out of 12,731 participants, 93.4% had ill conditions, and 49.8% had suffered from at least three diseases before they began practicing Falun Dafa. Through learning and practicing Falun Dafa, practitioners’ health conditions have improved in various degrees. The total effective cases reached 99.1%, among which complete recovery rate was 58.5%. Comparing the changes of body conditions before and after Falun Dafa practice, 80.3% of the participants improved their health. Among these people, the fraction of “very energetic” increased to 55.3% after practice from 3.5% before practice. The facts demonstrate that Falun Dafa is remarkably effective in curing diseases and improving health conditions. According to modern medical science, being healthy includes two aspects: a healthy body and a healthy mind. The survey shows that 12,287 people became psychologically healthier after practicing Falun Dafa, this accounts 96.5% of the total participants in the survey.

With the development of the society, people’s living standard has been rising, and people’s need for physical betterment has been getting higher and higher, and our country has been advocating the movement of health improvement of the entire population. The survey indicates that the number of people practicing Falun Dafa keeps increasing every year, and that the growth is becoming more and more rapid, and the trend is almost linearly going up. The fact that Falun Dafa has such a great number of practitioners, and is acknowledged and accepted by the general public, clearly proves that Falun Dafa indeed is effective in healing illnesses and improving physical conditions.

(2) Saving medical expenditure and medical resources

According to the survey, Falun Dafa practitioners can save 3,270 Yuan of medical expenses per person per year for the state. Falun Dafa practice has saved tremendous amount of medical cost and medical resources and has relieved the burden of the society and Chinese families. The positive effects are apparent. This important fact shows that Falun Dafa is beneficial for both people and the state.

(3) The important factor for healing illnesses – the improvement of a practitioner’s mental state

The survey shows that 83.6% of the Falun Dafa practitioners’ mental conditions had remarkable improvement. Through parallel analysis of people’s physical and mental conditions, it was demonstrated that there was a close correlation between recuperated, strengthened physical body and the person’s mental state. The theory of modern medical science suggests that disease is caused by social factors, environmental factors and biological factors, and that the three aspects affect human body in a large degree through the mental effect, and thus lead to illnesses and unhealthy conditions. Therefore, the mental state plays a crucial role in man’s health. One of the outstanding characteristics of Falun Dafa is the requirement for practitioners to put raising their mental realms in the first place in their cultivation practice. By improving a person’s mental condition through elevating his (her) morality and virtues, Falun Dafa brings one’s physical body to the desired healthy state. Obviously, cultivating the heart and practicing the exercises have great effects on the improvement of practitioners’ physical and mental health.

By practicing Falun Dafa, practitioners generally established a positive attitude in daily life, elevated personal morality and virtues, improved their relationships with others, and became more sensitive of civic responsibilities. All this accelerates the society’s spiritual civilization. The advancement of mankind’s spiritual civilization will definitely generate a better and more stable social environment, create more beautiful hearts, and make people’s minds and bodies truly healthy. The sublimation of people’s minds and characters will certainly bring prosperity to all of humankind.

The survey’s statistical study shows another fact that is worth emphasizing. A large portion of Falun Dafa practitioners were perfectly healthy before Falun Dafa cultivation and their motivation for starting the practice comes entirely from their love of Chinese traditional culture. They were attracted by the profound principles of Falun Dafa.

Participating researchers:

October 23, 1998


Questionnaire for Health Improvement Survey of Falun Dafa Practice

1. Health condition before practice:[ ]

A. Healthy and no illnesses. B. Had one disease. C. Had two diseases. D. Had more than three diseases.

2. Health condition after practice: [ ]

A. Completely recovered. B. Significantly improved. C. Improved. D. No change.

3. Body condition before practice: [ ]

A. Couldn’t undertake any physical labor. B. Could do some physical work. C. Could do normal work. D. Felt very energetic.

4. Body condition after practice: [ ]

A. Couldn’t undertake any physical labor. B. Could do some physical labor. C. Could do normal work. D. Felt very energetic.

5. Mental condition before practice: [ ]

A. Heavily stressed, unhappy most of the time. B. Somehow stressed. C. Normal. D. Happy and joyful

6. Mental condition after practice: [ ] A. Completely changed to happy and joyful. B. Greatly improved. C. Somehow improved. D. No change.


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Survey of over 6,000 Cultivators in Dalian, Liaoning Province

Over 6,000 Falun Dafa practitioners in Dalian, China were surveyed. All reported significant health improvement. Of those with one or more medical conditions, over 99.8% reported improvements. Symptoms either improved or totally disappeared. Both mental and physical functions and quality of life improved dramatically. Even the aging process slowed down.

In February 1998, a health status survey was conducted involving 6478 Falun Dafa practitioners residing in the Dalian area of China. Among the surveyed population, 6192 (95.59%) of them suffered various diseases and medical conditions of the cardiovascular system, nervous system, digestive system, respiratory system, urogenital system, haemic and immune system or musculoskeletal system. The participants in the survey had practiced Falun Dafa for an average of 1.8 years, for an average of 2 hours every day.

Of the surveyed population, 92% reported total disappearance of the symptoms, 7.74% observed moderate improvement, only 0.14% saw no obvious improvement. The disease recovery rate shows no major difference among practitioners with multiple illnesses or with a single illness, which are 89.73% and 88.83% respectively. The study also noticed that the longer the person had been practicing, the higher the recovery rate was. The recovery rate for practitioners of 2, 3, 4 years were 91.24%, 92.45%, 95.96% respectively, which may suggest that the longer one practices, the better the result.

It is very interesting to note that those who achieved the best results didn't use any medical treatment at all. They did not use alternative medicine or take vitamin or mineral supplements or other natural health products. The practitioners regarded such products as useless and perhaps even causing a disturbance to their health improvement process.

Falun Dafa practice claims huge economical savings result from dramatically reduced healthcare utilization. According to the survey, the annual medical expense per person dropped 2,408.83 yuan after starting to practice. Given the fact that 62.1% of the survey population is at the age (from 50 to 71) when multiple diseases are prevalent, the potential saving figure could be much higher.

The majority of the practitioners reported obvious improvement in their overall physical and mental well being including increased physical vitality and mobility, less fatigue after physical activities, better memory, improved vision and hearing, better appetite and sleep, higher self-perceived health and virtually no signs of stress, anxiety or depression.

If 92% of a population showed total disappearance of symptoms and if only 0.14% showed no obvious improvement, one can easily understand why Falun Dafa practitioners want to continue practicing and why Jiang Zemin must act as he does. No one would voluntarily choose sickness, disease and death. A person has to be brutally and violently tortured to do something that makes so little sense.


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A Sampling Survey of Practitioners
from Beijing Zizhuyan Assistance Center

The Effect of Falun Gong on Healing Illnesses and Keeping Fit

I. The Purpose and Method of This Survey

In order to understand the contribution and effects of Falun Gong on healing illnesses and keeping fit during the national upsurge of health improvement, Beijing Zizhuyuan (a big park in Beijing) Assistance Center conducted a survey in early October 1998. The objects of this study were the practitioners from several practice sites around Zizhuyuan. The method used in this study was to ask the randomly chosen practitioners to complete the questionnaires. Altogether 700 questionnaires were sent out. Of the 584 (83.4% of all investigated) responders, 174 were male and 410 female. After classification, statistical study and analytical study by a group of scientists and physicians, the results came out and showed that there were tremendous improvements in the physical conditions of these Falun Gong practitioners after they practiced Falun Gong. 96.5% of all responders reported that their disease symptoms had disappeared or been much released. And the facts also showed that only when those practitioners upgraded their Xinxing (mind nature and moral level) unceasingly, could the effects be remarkable. Now, these practitioners are keeping on morally ascending and physically improving. Good people and good deeds are emerging endlessly among these people. So the positive effects of practicing Falun Gong have been obviously demonstrated in the society.

This survey covered the physical conditions of the responders before and after practicing Falun Gong, annual medical expenses before and after the practice and the background information of the responders, including age, occupation, education level, etc. The analytical results of each item were summarized in tables. Legends of each table were also included. The whole process of this survey was on a voluntary basis. Practitioners were asked to complete the questionnaires truthfully. Particularly for some of the important typical cases, in order to guarantee the reliability, the investigators were required to make an inquiry and verify it personally.

II. The Results and Analysis of This Survey

Table 1: Age
Age 7-20 21-50 51-98 Total
Number 13 167 404 584
% 2.2 28.6 69.2 100

Note for Table 1: The biggest portion of the practitioners are in age group 51-98, most of which are old-aged retirees and people with poor health and many diseases, making 69.2% of the survey population. This portion of people are transitioning from middle age to old age, are getting more and more diseases, and their physical strength is declining. Thus, most of them had need for healing illnesses and keeping fit when they first learned and practiced Falun Gong.

Table 2: Occupation
Occupation Peasant Worker Housewife or unemployed Officials Scientific, technological, medical people Student Military
Service People Total
Number 7 154 47 180 162 27 7 584
% 1.20 26.4 8.1 30.8 27.7 4.6 1.2 100

Note for Table 2: Officials make the biggest group of the Falun Gong practitioners (30.8%). The second biggest is people in scientific and technological, medical, and educational fields (27.7%). Two groups together make up 58.5%. This indicates that intellectuals are the most among the practitioners, which matches the fact that Zizhuyuan is an area with many universities and colleges, and scientific and technological institutes.

Table 3: Education
Education Illiterate Elementary school Middle school High school or 2-year college College or university Master or PhD degree Total
Number 37 77 116 124 217 13 584
% 6.3 13.2 19.9 21.2 37.2 2.2 100

Note for Table 3: Out of 584 practitioners, the ones with university education or above make up the biggest portion, 39.4%. The second biggest is the ones with 2-year college or high school education, 21%. These two groups make up 60.4%.

Table 4: Physical health improvement after practice
Condition Improved Same Worse Not answered total
Number 527 33 0 24 584
% 90.2 5.7 0 4.1 100

Note for Table 4: After practice, over 90% of people's health had remarkable improvement and no single case had the health declined. This indicates that the significant effect of Falun Gong for promoting health.

Table 5: Comparison of the medical expense before and after practice for 584 people
Average annual medical expense Before practice After practice
Number % Number %
0 0 / 418 87.6
1-500 135 30.6 40 8.4
501-1000 84 19.1 10 2.1
1001-2000 75 17.0 7 1.5
2001-5000 97 22.0 2 0.4
5001-10000 27 6.1 0 /
>10000 23 5.2 0 /
Total 441 100 477 100

Note for Table 5: Out of returned 584 questionnairs, 441 reported their average annual medical expense before practice, and 477 reported their average annual medical expense after practice. From the numbers in the above questionnairs, the approximate statistics shows that the average annual medical expense per person before practice was roughly 3500 Yuan and the number after practice was 70 Yuan. Out of these practitioners, 418 had zero medical expense after practice, which make up 87.6% of 477 people who filled this item.

The results of Table 6 (see appendix) showed that in the 1449 cases of various diseases investigated in this survey, the overall symptom disappearance rate was 63.9%. Another 32.6% had been obviously improved. So totally 95.6% of all cases took a favorite turn. The recovery rate of respiratory system diseases reached 75.7%, which was the highest among all kinds of diseases in this survey. Even for the cardiovascular diseases, which had the highest incidence (18.9% of all), the recovery rate had also reached 58%.

III. Several Referential Comments and Conclusions

1. The results of this survey conducted in Zizhuyuan Assistance Center are, in our opinion, representative and valid in the light of the number and/or ratio of the questionnaires returned in contrast to the total questionnaires distributed.

2. The principles of Falun Gong specify that a practitioner must take it as the first thing to cultivate his Xinxing. As Master Li Hongzhi requires, "You should always maintain a heart of compassion and kindness." "You should always display compassion and kindness towards others and think of others before doing anything. There will not be any problems if the first thing that you will think of, whenever encountering a problem, is whether others can put up with this matter and if it will hurt anyone. Therefore, you should follow a higher and higher standard for yourself when you practice cultivation." (Zhuan Falun, English Version, P160). Therefore, in the meantime as we surveyed the healing power of Falun Gong, we have also surveyed the effect of Falun Gong on the Xinxing upgrade and morality rise of Falun Gong practitioners.

3. Health is defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) of the United Nation as: A state of physical, social and mental well-being, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity (WHO constitution of 1948). Therefore, the survey method Zizhuyuan Assistance Center was commensurate with the WHO's perspective of health.

4. At the present time, a nationwide public fitness movement is being developed into full swing. All over the world, efforts have been made to explore the ways that can lead mankind to a better health state. The positive results of Falun Gong have indicated that as long as the practitioners follow the requirements of Falun Gong during their cultivation, their body and mind have all undergone a significant and even fundamental changes. 87% of the people polled no longer pay visit to a doctor and/or take any medicine after practicing Falun Gong. Some patients with tough diseases or severe infirmity, who had tried many renowned doctors, but in vain, were cured miraculously once they learned Falun Gong. Falun Gong practitioners are guided by the supreme standard of "Zhen-Shan-Ren (Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance). They are strict on themselves and lenient on others in their daily lives. They can properly handle all kinds of problems occurring to them, and consciously conduct themselves towards lofty morality. In fact, Falun Gong practitioners embody truly the complete meaning of "health" as defined by the WHO.

5. The survey showed that the number of people learning Falun Gong was growing bigger and bigger. This was, based on the analysis of the survey, because 1) the practitioners of Falun Gong were able to prove its extraordinary effects through their own practice. After doing Falun Gong, their health was improved. Their intelligence was enhanced. Their minds were widened and clarified. Their bad habits were quit. Their family lives were in amity. They become compassionate in their hearts. Their relationships with other people were harmonized. Falun Gong has brought new life to a great number of individual practitioners or their family as a whole. 2) Falun Gong is a rightcious cultivation system in which the exercises are taught free of charge and the practitioners are absolutely free to come and go. 3) Falun Gong does not resort to any advertisement in newspapers or other media. Only from person to person and from heart to heart does Falun Gong transmit, which has enabled it to be propagated quickly and extensively. As Master Li Hongzhi says, "The Great Law is being promulgated far and wide. Those who have heard about it are looking for it. Those who have attained it are delighted with it. Practitioners are increasing day by day and they are countless."

6. China is where Falun Gong was originated. The appearance of Falun Gong has enabled those having predestined relationship with Falun Gong to enjoy exceptionally endowed cultivation environment and get access to the cultivation method that is the most convenient, the swiftest and the most direct. As part of the splendid Chinese traditional culture, as well as a cultivation method for simultaneous enhancement of body and mind, Falun Gong has been well received by an ever-increasing number of people both home and abroad. Falun Gong has been catching more and more attention of the world due to its positive impact and excellent effect in leading mankind towards a sublimed civilization and a better health.

A list of the experts and medical professionals participating in this survey and statistical analysis:

Wang Qi, Chief Physician, General Hospital for Armed Police
Li Naiyuan, Chief Physician, Stomatological Hospital of the Beijing Medical University
Zheng Lihua, Deputy Chief Physician, People's University of China Hospital
Qu Zengqiu, Pharmacist, People's University of China Hospital
Tian Xiulan, Managing Physician, Beijing Hospital of Nuclear Industry
Jing Lianhong, Physician, Dongshi Hospital for Women and Children

Falun Gong Zizhuyuan Assistance Center, Beijing
October 18, 1998

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