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How to Start Learning Falun Dafa

There is no set way to learn Falun Gong. One can approach the practice from any one of several avenues. Should one's heart be sincere, any road into it will be fruitful. Falun Dafa is sure to be different from anything one has studied or practised before, as its content is extremely unique and profound. Thus, your being patient and open-minded will ensure that the learning process moves along smoothly and swiftly. Most people find the company of a practice group an enjoyable way to start.

Falun Dafa has five gentle, easy-to-learn exercises, one of which is a meditation. Falun Dafa also consists of learning the principles of self-cultivation, that is, how to embody Truthfulness, Benevolence, and Forbearance. This is achieved by reading the main book Zhuan Falun written by Falun Dafa's founder, Mr. Li Hongzhi, or by watching videotapes and listening to audiotapes of his lectures. One book, a few exercises, and incredibly profound principles - that's Falun Dafa in brief. The rest, bringing it to life, is in your hands.

That said, you can begin to learn Falun Dafa in any of the following ways:


1. Learn the exercises at your local Falun Dafa practice site

There are hundreds of "practice sites" around the world where people who practice Falun Dafa meet together to perform the exercises and/or study and discuss Falun Dafa's teachings. The "site" might be a park, a library, a hospital, or even your local YMCA. Everyone is welcome at the sites. At any site you will find practitioners who are happy to teach the exercises right there on the spot or elsewhere by arrangement. All instruction is free, of course. To locate a site near you, click here


2. Learn the exercises from the Falun Dafa exercise video

Anyone can learn to perform the exercises of Falun Dafa by watching and practising along with the Falun Dafa exercise video. The video features Mr. Li Hongzhi demonstrating the exercises, and includes an explanation of their form, key points, and effects. The video can be downloaded for free from the Internet, purchased from a variety of bookstores, or borrowed from someone at your local practice site. To view video clips from the tape, click here.

3. Learn the principles of Falun Dafa from the books

You can learn the principles of Falun Dafa by reading the two main books written by Mr. Li Hongzhi: Falun Gong (Law Wheel Qigong) and Zhuan Falun (Turning the Law Wheel). Falun Gong is a systematic, introductory book that discusses qigong, introduces the principles, and provides illustrations and explanation of the exercises. We recommended that beginners and those without a thorough background in qigong begin with this book. Zhuan Falun is the most comprehensive and essential work of Falun Dafa practice, but is best read with some prior knowledge. Organised in the form of nine lectures, this book was the number one bestseller in China in 1996. A thorough understanding of Zhuan Falun is necessary for genuine, advanced practice. As with the exercise video, both books can be downloaded (click above) for free, purchased from a variety of bookstores, or borrowed from your local library or from someone at your local practice site.

4. Attend a nine-session video seminar

Nine-session video seminars are held regularly by different practice groups around the world at various locations. They represent the most comprehensive way to begin the practice. Over the course of the seminar, attendees will: watch nine lectures by Mr. Li, learn all of the exercises, and have an opportunity to discuss the practice with veteran Falun Dafa students. The seminars are, of course, also completely free. Everyone is welcome. To locate a practice group near you for information about upcoming seminars, click here.

5. Free teaching at your place

In order to accommodate those people without practice groups near where they live, many who practice Falun Dafa are happy to come by arrangement to teach the exercises and introduce the practice to those who express interest. This, too, is completely free. To find the people who practice Falun Dafa nearest you to possibly come teach you, click here.

Happy practising!

*All Falun Gong Activities Are Free of Charge and Run by Volunteers *


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